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Crash Statistics
About Crash Statistics   State Profiles   National Profiles  

State Profile Reports
These reports are summarized crash results by state for large trucks involved in fatal and non-fatal crashes that occurred in the United States. These reports are organized into seven focus areas: Summary, Vehicle, Driver, Environment, Crash, Carrier and Maps. Within each focus area are reports that compare state and national summarized crash statistics, and a History report that provides a historical view of fatal and non-fatal crash statistics over multiple years. Information is presented in tabular and graphical format.  Location information is now being displayed on new dynamic maps.
  2. Select a crash report from the following list or select the Click here for a Printer Friendly Version of this page. Complete State Report (history tables for all reports in PDF format)

  *State Crash Records may be viewed and downloaded for further problem area analysis in your State. These restricted area - locked State Crash Records are
   available for every State for the most recent five years.

Summary graphic Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Summary
Vehicle graphic Vehicle Configuration
graphic Gross Vehicle Weight
  graphic Cargo Body Type
graphic HM Report
Driver graphic Driver Age
graphic Restraint Usage
graphic License Status
graphic Fatalities
America Needs You. Buckle Up.    graphic Licensed State
graphic Driver Violations
graphic Alcohol Use
graphic Single Vehicle Driver Factors
graphic Truck/Passenger Driver Factors
graphic Passenger/Passenger Driver Factors
Environment graphic Weather Condition
graphic Road Surface
  graphic Light Condition
graphic Time of Day
graphic Day of Week
Crash graphic Roadway Type
graphic Type of Trafficway
  graphic First Harmful Event
graphic Initial Impact Area
graphic Urban vs. Rural
graphic Work Zone
Carrier graphic Carrier Domicile
graphic  restricted area - locked  FMCSA Protected Reports
  graphic Intrastate vs. Interstate
Maps graphic Maps display Large Truck and Bus crash statistics using colorful dynamic maps.

restricted area - locked  Restricted to Authorized FMCSA and State Enforcement Users. A&I User Login Required

CAUTION:  Although efforts have been made to provide the most accurate and complete MCMIS Crash data possible, data quality can vary from state to state. Please use caution when interpreting MCMIS crash data.

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