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Alabama - State Data Summary

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Active Carriers and Safety Measurement System (SMS) Summary
Interstate and Intrastate HazMat Carriers13,032N/A768,137N/A
Passenger Carriers3442.63%15,9342.07%
HazMat Carriers1681.28%10,2421.33%
General Carriers12,52096.07%741,96196.59%
Carriers with a BASIC(s) in Exceeds Intervention Threshold Status9287.12%54,6987.12%
Passenger Carriers with a BASIC(s) in Exceeds Intervention Threshold Status7.75%8891.62%
HazMat Carriers with a BASIC(s) in Exceeds Intervention Threshold Status373.98%2,2724.15%
General Carriers with a BASIC(s) in Exceeds Intervention Threshold Status88495.25%51,53794.22%
Total Power Units74,004N/A5,141,855N/A
Power Units of Carriers with a BASIC(S) in Exceeds Intervention Threshold Status26,02435.16%1,406,22527.34%
Data Source: SMS results as of 09/25/2015. Updated Monthly.  For more information, please visit Safety Measurement System
 Exceeds Intervention Threshold
State Safety Data Quality (SSDQ)
SSDQ (as of September 25, 2015)Rating
Overall State Rating
Crash Record Completeness
Fatal Crash Completeness
Crash Timeliness
Crash Accuracy
Inspection Record Completeness
Inspection VIN Accuracy
Inspection Timeliness
Inspection Accuracy
Crash Consistency IndicatorN/A
Crash Rating

For more information, please visit State Safety Data Quality.
Ratings: Good indicator Good  Fair indicator Fair  Poor indicator Poor  Insufficient Data indicator Insufficient Data  Overriding indicator Overriding Indicator
Summary of Large Truck and Bus Crash Involvements
SummaryCY 2011CY 2012CY 2013CY 2014CY 2015*
AL% of NatAL% of NatAL% of NatAL% of NatAL% of Nat
Number of vehicles involved in fatal & non-fatal crashes2,7272%2,9182.1%3,3112.2%3,9312.4%1,7142.5%
# in fatal crashes1062.6%1152.7%1162.6%761.8%402.3%
# in non-fatal crashes2,6211.9%2,8032.1%3,1952.2%3,8552.4%1,6742.5%
Number of fatal & non-fatal Crashes2,5792%2,7572.1%3,1452.2%3,7272.4%1,6162.5%
# of fatal crashes962.5%1032.6%1102.8%741.9%342.3%
# of non-fatal crashes2,4832%2,6542.1%3,0352.2%3,6532.4%1,5822.6%
Number of Fatalities as a result of a crash1082.5%1102.5%1212.7%811.9%392.3%
Number of Injuries as a result of a crash1,6112%1,5822%1,7082%2,0022.3%9342.7%
Data Source: MCMIS data snapshot as of 09/25/2015, including crash records through 05/31/2015. 
State Enforcement Programs Summary Data
FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
ALNational% of NatALNational% of NatALNational% of Nat
Total Reviews28618,5411.54%13914,9350.93%10614,0900.75%
Motor Carrier Safety Compliance Reviews000%000%000%
Cargo Tank Facility Reviews3803.75%2702.86%7967.29%
Shipper Reviews162855.61%41752.29%1951.05%
Non-Rated Reviews (excludes SCR & CSA)352,4221.45%71,0670.66%19940.10%
CSA Offsite04420.00%03340.00%01360.00%
CSA Onsite Focused / Focused CR1029,5241.07%597,3860.80%567,5380.74%
CSA Onsite Comprehensive*1305,7902.25%675,9041.13%415,2310.78%
Total Security Contact Reviews337704.29%55430.92%66250.96%
Roadside Inspections
FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
ALNational% of NatALNational% of NatALNational% of Nat
Number of Inspections38,8883,492,1981.11%37,1623,437,8901.08%32,7943,276,0231.00%
Driver Inspections*38,6343,382,3611.14%36,8453,319,9441.11%32,5483,161,4231.03%
with Driver OOS Violation2,541164,5241.54%2,550166,6241.53%2,449155,6681.57%
Driver OOS Rate6.58%4.86%N/A6.92%5.02%N/A7.52%4.92%N/A
Vehicle Inspections*24,4692,392,8401.02%21,9762,368,2960.93%19,9222,235,0340.89%
with Vehicle OOS Violation4,625478,2110.97%4,272479,4400.89%4,153454,1400.91%
Vehicle OOS Rate18.90%19.99%N/A19.44%20.24%N/A20.85%20.32%N/A
Hazmat Inspections*2,036201,9691.01%1,733198,6350.87%1,318185,0230.71%
with Hazmat OOS Violation1097,8671.39%957,7911.22%777,2471.06%
Hazmat OOS Rate5.35%3.90%N/A5.48%3.92%N/A5.84%3.92%N/A
Traffic Enforcement (TE)
FY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
ALNational% of NatALNational% of NatALNational% of Nat
Number of Traffic Enf. Inspections3,724388,0610.96%3,537368,2710.96%3,266360,2290.91%
With Moving Violations2,830202,8611.40%2,595194,9671.33%2,109184,6321.14%
With Drug & Alcohol Violations69600.63%68090.74%98381.07%
With Railroad Crossing Violations23270.61%102803.57%22770.72%
With Non-specified State Law/Miscellaneous Violations1,001195,1530.51%1,043182,1910.57%1,263184,4190.68%
Number of Traffic Enf. Violations3,987437,3550.91%3,749415,0010.90%3,489405,4410.86%
Moving Violations2,939209,8131.40%2,673202,5831.32%2,172190,4271.14%
Drug & Alcohol Violations61,2010.50%69540.63%99800.92%
Railroad Crossing Violations23300.61%102813.56%22770.72%
Non-specified State Law/Miscellaneous Violations1,040226,0110.46%1,060211,1830.50%1,306213,7570.61%
* In FY 2012, all reviews that were previously considered Motor Carrier Safety Compliance Reviews are now included in the CSA Onsite Comprehensive Investigations total.
For more information, please visit Enforcement Programs.
Data Source: FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) data snapshot as of 09/25/2015, including current year-to-date information for 2015. The data presented above are accurate as of this date, but are subject to update as new or additional information may be reported to MCMIS following the snapshot date.
** Roadside Inspections:
Driver Inspections were computed based on inspection levels I, II, III, and VI.
Vehicle Inspections were computed based on inspection levels I, II, V, and VI.
Hazmat Inspections were computed based on inspection levels I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, when HM is present.
The OOS rate for each category is based on the number of inspections which resulted in one or more Out-Of-Service (OOS) violations.
Safety Data Improvement Program
FY 2006FY 2007FY 2008FY 2009FY 2010
Data Source: FMCSA, Office of Research and Analysis
Contact Information
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 Main Address & Main Phone:  520 Cotton Gin Road,
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