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Improvement: Data Quality Tools Data Quality Technical Assistance (TA) Program – State Contacts   

Individual assistance for evaluating, monitoring, and improving your State's Data Quality.

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Every State has a Technical Assistance Analyst assigned to help States improve and maintain their data quality. Your TA Analyst monitors the State's data on a regular basis and provides the State with their observations. To further identify and address data quality problems, the TA analyst can also:
  • Help you get the most out of the DQ Module – including how to spot trends and monitor progress
  • Develop and analyze custom reports
  • Suggest strategies for improvement
  • Provide connections to tools or specialists

Your TA Analyst is available by phone or email to discuss any DQ questions/issues you may have. Find the contact information for your State's TA Analyst below.

Eastern Service Center
Lead Contact: Janet Bibinski
Phone: (617) 494-2308
State TA
Connecticut  Kevin Berry 
Delaware  Janet Bibinski 
District of Columbia  Janet Bibinski 
Maine  Janet Bibinski 
Maryland  Janet Bibinski 
Massachusetts  Janet Bibinski 
New Hampshire  Janet Bibinski 
New Jersey  Janet Bibinski 
New York  Janet Bibinski 
Pennsylvania  Janet Bibinski 
Puerto Rico  Janet Bibinski 
Rhode Island  Janet Bibinski 
Vermont  Janet Bibinski 
Virgin Islands  Janet Bibinski 
Virginia  Janet Bibinski 
West Virginia  Janet Bibinski 

Western Service Center
Lead Contact: Kevin Berry
Phone: (617) 494-2857
State TA
Alaska  Kevin Berry 
American Samoa  Kevin Berry 
Arizona  Kevin Berry 
California  Kevin Berry 
Colorado  Kevin Berry 
Guam  Kevin Berry 
Hawaii  Kevin Berry 
Idaho  Kevin Berry 
Montana  Kevin Berry 
Nevada  Kevin Berry 
New Mexico  Kevin Berry 
North Dakota  Kevin Berry 
Northern Marianas  Kevin Berry 
Oregon  Kevin Berry 
South Dakota  Kevin Berry 
Texas  Deirdre Hering 
Utah  Kevin Berry 
Washington  Kevin Berry 
Wyoming  Kevin Berry 


Southern Service Center
Lead Contact: Deirdre Hering
Phone: (617) 494-3535
State TA
Alabama  Deirdre Hering 
Arkansas  Deirdre Hering 
Florida  Deirdre Hering 
Georgia  Deirdre Hering 
Kentucky  Deirdre Hering 
Louisiana  Deirdre Hering 
Mississippi  Deirdre Hering 
North Carolina  Deirdre Hering 
Oklahoma  Deirdre Hering 
South Carolina  Deirdre Hering 
Tennessee  Deirdre Hering 
Midwestern Service Center
Janet Bibinski
Phone: (617) 494-2308
Kevin Berry
Phone: (617) 494-2857
Deirdre Hering
Phone: (617) 494-3535
State TA
Illinois  Kevin Berry 
Indiana  Janet Bibinski 
Iowa  Janet Bibinski 
Kansas  Janet Bibinski 
Michigan  Kevin Berry 
Minnesota  Janet Bibinski 
Missouri  Kevin Berry 
Nebraska  Deirdre Hering 
Ohio  Deirdre Hering 
Wisconsin  Deirdre Hering