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Supplemental Reports Supplemental Reports

State and Federal agencies can monitor their MCMIS and DataQs activity for State-reported crash and roadside inspection data provided to FMCSA. Note that you must be logged into the appropriate system and have certain access levels to be able to view the reports.
Updated Results: 01/29/2016

MCMIS Summary Reports restricted area - locked provide State and Federal agencies reports on the number of 'Add' records reported to MCMIS (Crash and Inspection Records), the number of duplicate records deleted from MCMIS (Duplicate MCMIS Records), and the number of suspect duplicate, not deleted, MCMIS records (Suspect Duplicate MCMIS Records).

DataQs Reports restricted area - locked provide FMCSA DAs or designees with the Gotham Performance Report role in the Portal the ability to monitor and review DataQs activity on a monthly basis. The monthly reports allow you to organize RDRs by Service Center/State, RDR Type, and event date ranges, and drill down to the agency and officer or inspector level. Four types of monthly reports are available:


restricted area - locked Restricted to Authorized FMCSA and State Enforcement Users. A&I User Login Required